A rubber wedding ring costing $20,000 from a company you don’t even know is made from recycled rubber

When it comes to wedding rings, it seems like all the hype is about the fancy stuff, but you can get recycled rubber rings for a fraction of the cost.Rubber wedding rings are a popular option because they are durable, […]

A new pair of synthetic rubber bracelet designs for astronauts is coming, courtesy of a company that already makes rubber bracelocks.

Posted November 30, 2018 11:24:31The new bracelets are part of the latest in an array of innovative, high-tech prosthetic devices that are designed to replace the cumbersome and potentially dangerous traditional surgical equipment.The bracelets have a range of features, including […]

Rubber Duck Debugging: How to get rid of rubber duck in your yard

We’ve all heard about the rubber duck, the duck that can’t fly, or the rubber flooring.But rubber duck is not the only type of rubber floor on your property.Rubber duck, or rubber floor, is a product that’s used to protect […]