When you’re on the run, you might want to consider this little rubber duck

Posted by MSNBC on Tuesday, February 11, 2021 08:00:06 When you run a marathon, you are at your most vulnerable.You are wearing rubber boots, rubber gloves and running shoes that are rubber-coated.This can lead to burns and infections that require […]

Why you should wear rubber socks when you’re on the ice

As the world begins to reevaluate the dangers of wearing rubber gloves on the street, it’s important to know how to protect yourself from the potentially dangerous consequences of those same practices.“We’re in the process of trying to re-evaluate how […]

Rubber duck toys, rubber floorings, rubber gym mats and rubber floor covers

RUBBER DUCK Toys are among the popular items at the Rubber Duck Toy Fair at a park in downtown Jerusalem.According to a local media report, the Rubber Duck Toy Fair is an annual event that brings together local and foreign […]