How to use a rubber band to help you sleep, study, or just relax

With a growing number of studies linking sleep to the immune system, rubber band exercises have been around for ages, but until now, researchers have been struggling to figure out what the benefits are and what they do to the […]

A new, natural rubber band exercises your foot for the first time

A new natural rubber-band exercises your feet for the second time, thanks to a new study.The research was led by researchers at the University of Oxford and found that wearing a natural rubberband while exercising is effective at improving foot […]

What we know about the NYPD’s use of rubber bullets, as well as how they were made and what the public is told about them

A recent New York Times investigation into the NYPD has revealed that the department has used rubber bullets in police shootings since the 1980s.This was before the advent of body cameras and widespread public acceptance of them as a form […]

A Vulcanized Rubber Wedding Ring Is A Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

A Vulcanizing Rubber Wedding Band can turn a rubber ring into a real-life rubber wedding ring, and that’s what the ring maker behind it, Rubber Bride, is hoping for with the new Vulcanized Wedding Ring.The ring, which features a stainless […]