UK fashion designer is on a roll as she unveils new collection

NEW YORK (AP) A designer from New York City is taking a page out of the style book by debuting a new line of clothing pads and shoes.

Gucci and Hermes footwear are among the brands that have jumped on the trend.

The pads are made from synthetic rubber and are the latest trend in a trend that has seen a resurgence of high-end footwear, shoes and apparel, especially at fashion shows.

Guccis are made of a blend of polyester and rubber, which is lighter and softer than leather.

Hermes, which was founded in 1967, uses its rubber products in its footwear.

The Gucci brand said its footwear pads are a step forward in footwear and footwear products.

The brand also announced that it is partnering with a group of fashion brands, including designer Gucci, to bring its signature leather sandals to the United States.

The sandals are expected to go on sale next week.

The new line will include an assortment of Gucci sneakers, Gucci boots and Gucci footwear and accessories.

The company has not yet revealed the price of the footwear.

Guice, which means rubber, is a synthetic material that is used in construction, but has become popular among the fashion world.

The rubber is used as a finishing coat and for making rubber rubber sandal tops.