How to get rubber dog boots from the rubber tree plant

A couple from Kerala’s Puducherry district have developed a rubber dog boot made of rubber tree roots.

The rubber dog is a plant that is found in many countries, and is grown for its leaves, which are edible.

It has been known for thousands of years in India.

A rubber dog was the first animal used for footwear and has been considered as a symbol of peace, prosperity and good luck since ancient times.

The new boot is made out of rubber leaves and the rubber dog has been placed on a wooden pole.

The boot is meant to be worn by children who are walking in the street.

The rubber tree also provides the boots a natural rubber smell.

The dog is said to be able to run as fast as a bull.

The project was inspired by the stories of children who came across the rubber trees on the streets of Kerala.

The children used to ask the trees for their rubber boots, and they made the rubber boots out of the leaves of the rubber cal plant, said the project director, Anantha Ramakrishnan.

The Rubber Cal plant is a rubber tree growing in Kerala.

The child who made the boots used rubber leaves that he had collected from the tree.

He was then asked by his mother to take them to a nearby village.

Ramakan said the rubber feet of the children had a rubber smell that they could detect from a distance.