‘I’d never seen anything like it’: Rubber mulch found at Florida home

The smell of rubber molding wafts from a Florida home.

It’s a rare occurrence for the Florida Keys, where the rubber mulches are considered a luxury.

The molding is made from rubber mulched in an industrial process that has created some of the country’s finest living spaces.

But it’s not the only molding at the house.

There’s a rubber mat covering a bed and a mattress.

And a rubber hose running from the kitchen to the attic.

The homeowners say they’re concerned the molding will grow, eventually killing them.

The home has a wooden frame, and a wooden ceiling.

They say it’s a home for people who are retired, or people who don’t like the heat.

And it’s on the edge of the swampy areas, where they say there is the potential for a mold infestation.

The house is in a small wooded area in a wooded part of the Keys.

The residents have lived in the house for more than 30 years.

They don’t know why the rubber mat was left there, and the hose was still running.

It seems like a normal thing for the home, but they have no idea why it’s there.

They said the house is very hot, and there are always mold issues.

There are moldy moldy things everywhere.

They called the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, which said they have a toxicology report to look into, but it’s too early in the investigation.