The most dangerous places in America to live

More than 40 percent of Americans live in areas that are at high risk of violent crime. 

More than 1.4 million Americans were shot and killed in the U.S. in 2016, the most since 2000.

The violence in some of those communities has continued for years. 

The most dangerous place to live in America was a burgundy-rubber roofing factory in Louisville, Kentucky, the site of a shooting last year that killed a man and wounded a third. 

“There’s just a sense of dread around this place,” said the victim, Scott Diggs, according to ABC affiliate WDRB. 

He said he’s not sure if he would want to return to the home he shares with his wife and three young children.

“The walls are bulletproof and they are always going to be armed,” Diggs said. 

Burgundy Rubber Plant workers make rubber flooring at the factory in Kentucky, which was recently targeted by a shooting. 

ABC News reports that there were at least 20 people in the home when the shooting took place.

The building was reportedly vacant for at least three years.

The shooting in Louisville prompted a federal investigation into whether workers had been fired or retaliated against for taking the factory job.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the owner of the factory told investigators that his company was not fired but was retaliated at. 

Two weeks after the shooting, the FBI released its final report.

It found that the factory was “in compliance with applicable law and regulations” and “had not been engaged in or had not been involved in any criminal activity.”