Which new rules will be effective in 2018?

By RACHEL COTTER | AUGUST 25, 2018 7:04PM The 2018 season is on track to be one of the most expensive yet.

The National Football League has set a minimum annual cap of $1.1 billion and the league’s owners have approved a new set of rules that could mean a lot of dollars for teams, but also for fans.

Here are the five big changes the NFL will have to address.1.

Salary cap: The league has decided that its minimum salary cap will increase from $1 billion to $1,250 billion.

The league is also changing the rules for determining how much teams can spend on players.

Starting in 2019, the league will require teams to have a cap of at least $1 million for each player, instead of the current limit of $500,000.2.

Relegated teams: The new salary cap increases the number of teams that are considered part of the “relegated” teams that were eliminated from the playoffs by the NFL this season.

The new cap would make it impossible for teams to win Super Bowls while still being considered “rebounders” because of their status as “relic” teams.

The rule would also make it difficult for teams like the Browns and Steelers to be “releaguers” in the new cap system.3.

Coaching salaries: The NFL will limit the salaries of coaches and offensive and defensive coordinators.

It also will eliminate the current practice of paying players’ base salaries in order to keep players from getting too rich.4.

Re-entry players: The number of re-entry free agents will be reduced by the league, from 32 to 16.

It will also allow teams to bring back players that they previously released, so long as they have a coach or offensive or defensive coordinator.5.

Free agency: The salary cap increase will allow teams in certain categories of the NFL to sign players to long-term contracts that would pay them significantly more than the current cap.

The minimum salary for an NFL player is now $4 million.

The NFLPA, meanwhile, has filed a grievance with the league saying that the new salary-cap rules are “a huge increase” that will harm the NFL’s ability to negotiate long-lasting contracts for players.

“The new salary caps are a massive, huge increase that will impact the ability of players to make a living and the ability for owners to keep their franchises competitive,” said John Mara, the union’s chief executive officer.

“It’s just unfair to the players.

They are going to have to make hard choices and pay the price.”

The league’s collective bargaining agreement (CBA) has not been ratified by the players union, which has called for a lockout.

The NFL has said that the lockout is necessary to prevent any team from becoming a “re-entry team.”

The NFL is set to vote on a new collective bargaining contract on July 4.