Aussie soccer league to use rubber mats

The Aussie Soccer League is set to use the rubber mat method to replace its old rubber dumbbell mats.

The club, which plays in the Victorian Premier League, announced the switch to the new rubber mat after it saw a surge in popularity and demand.

“We’re excited about the opportunities that this new technology will bring to the game,” said Aussies Soccer League president, Simon O’Leary.

The new mats, which are a flexible polymer with a rubber core, are made from polyurethane, and are made in Germany.

They can be used to replace the rubber dumbbills used in the Australian game.

The mats are used to make dummy balls, but can also be used in games like football, rugby league and cricket.

“For us it’s the perfect solution for the sport,” said NRL president, David Smith.

“It allows for the ball to be thrown faster and harder, which is a huge advantage in a sport where you can’t actually control the ball with your body.”

“Our new rubber mats will provide a better experience to fans and players alike and provide a lot of flexibility to our players.”

“We have seen an enormous response to the mat and the mat is going to be a huge hit with the NRL, but it’s just one more step for us,” NRL Chief Executive, Steve Sharp said.

“The mat is now a requirement for every player at all levels and we are keen to see the mat adopted by all levels.”

The mat has been available in some competitions for more than a year, and the NRL has been working with industry experts to develop a standardised design.