How to make a $1 million dollar rubber duck

Posted June 30, 2018 06:14:10 An $8 million rubber duck has been spotted by a Perth businessman.

Key points:The duck was spotted by the owner of a Perth garage in Perth’s east, the ABC understandsThe duck is the second duck sold at auction in as many weeksMr Thomas says he’s made several million dollars from rubber ducksThe duck sold for $8.2 million at the Perth garage sale in April, the latest of two rubber ducks sold to Mr Thomas, who said the duck was a bargain compared to other duck breeds.

The duck has an estimated worth of about $8,000.

Mr Thomas said he sold it for about $800 to a buyer in Sydney, but it was sold again in May.

“I bought it for $800.

I’ve made about $1.5 million from it,” he said.”

This duck is a lot cheaper than a lot of other ducks I’ve seen.”

There are only three or four other rubber ducks that have sold for that amount, so I think it’s a very good value for money.

“The duck, which Mr Thomas said was not sold for a profit, was purchased from a garage in the city’s east on the afternoon of May 10, according to a sale brochure.

The seller told Mr Thomas he was going to use it to raise money for his family.”

It was very unusual to have a duck sitting at a garage sale for so long, and then find it sitting there for so many years,” Mr Thomas told the ABC.”

The owner didn’t even realise he had a duck until he found it sitting at the garage sale.

“When I saw the duck sitting there, I was quite excited to see it.”

Once I did, I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was.

“You know when you see a beautiful duck sitting on the ground, you’re thinking, ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe this is the duck I’ve always wanted to own.'”

The duck’s owner said he had seen rubber ducks in Perth before, but never had one before.

Mr Tinsley said he was a big fan of rubber ducks.

“They’re a bit of a classic duck breed.

I’d always wanted one, so it was a bit odd to find one in Perth,” he told the Australian Financial review.”

But it’s quite beautiful.”

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