Why do you need to use rubber mule?

A man from the United States has taken to Instagram to share his personal story of using rubber mules to create his own custom fragrance, which he claims can be used to make all sorts of fragrances.

Rita Poulin, a 26-year-old designer, uses mules in her DIY perfumery.

She also uses them in her own personal fragrance project, which uses natural ingredients such as bergamot and musk.

“It’s a great way to combine the smell of flowers with the scent of flowers,” she said.

“I love the scent, the taste, and I love that it comes out like the real thing.

I just love how versatile it is.”

Poulin has been creating her own unique fragrants for a few years, but decided to create her own fragrance because she found it easier to experiment.

“I started out just making the fragrance of my own and then I was thinking, I could actually put the fragrance in the mules, put it in the jars,” she explained.

“It’s so much more fun.”

While she’s not going to be able to make her own mules for the foreseeable future, she is happy to share her creations on Instagram.

“This is the best way to make a fragrance that’s just like you,” she wrote.

“Just make it, enjoy it, and share it on Instagram.”

You can follow all of Poulins personal fragrance projects on Instagram: