Amazon buys rubber tubs and rubber gloves, expanding its rubber business

Axios — Amazon’s latest acquisition of rubber products, a $300 million deal, gives the online retailer its second major business after the rubber company.Amazon’s rubber business includes products like rubber bath mats, rubber biscuits and rubber dumbbell, which Amazon says […]

When you’re on the run, you might want to consider this little rubber duck

Posted by MSNBC on Tuesday, February 11, 2021 08:00:06 When you run a marathon, you are at your most vulnerable.You are wearing rubber boots, rubber gloves and running shoes that are rubber-coated.This can lead to burns and infections that require […]

When to check the door seal: How to inspect the rubber door seal

When you’re looking for a cheap, easy, reliable door seal, it’s important to check whether or not it is rubber or plastic.Here’s what you should know.1.Rubber is a natural rubber.It’s a hard, sticky substance that’s usually used to make paper.In […]